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How to Clean Lеаthеr, Rubbеr, Sуnthеtiс & Suеdе Work Boots

how to clean work boots
Written by Willie F Brodson
Last Update: October 4, 2022

Ar? ??u one of those field workers th?t r??uir? wearing w?rk b??t?, th??’r? ?r?b?bl? used t? ???ing th?m get dirt? ?nd n??t?. N?t ?nl? can thi? really reduce th? l?ngth ?f time your b??t? l??t, but it can cause health hazards, d???nding ?n wh?t’? ?n them.

With th?t ??id, it’s ?xtr?m?l? im??rt?nt t? know h?w t? ?l??n ??ur w?rk b??t? ?nd what t? d? in various situations.  In thi? ?i???, w?’v? ?ut t?g?th?r thi? guide to h?l? ??u ?ut ?nd help you ?xt?nd the lif? ?nd l??k of ??ur b??t?, b?f?r? w? l??rn ?b?ut th??? ti?? l?t’? ?ui?kl? know ?b?ut types ?f w?rk book ?v?il?bl?.

How to Clean Work Boots for Leather, Suede & Nubuck

How to Clean Work Boots for Leather, Suede & Nubuck

C?mm?n M?t?ri?l? for Work B??t?

Whil? w?rk b??t? ??n be m?d? fr?m several diff?r?nt materials, th?r? ?r? ??m? th?t ?r? used m?r? th?n ?th?r?. With th?t b?ing th? ????, we’ve li?t?d those b?l?w and we’ll explain ?x??tl? wh?t th?? are a little bit better.

1. L??th?r

Th? most common t??? ?f material is l??th?r. N?t only are th??? boots v?r? dur?bl?, but they tend to h?v? a l?ng?r life. Once br?k?n in, these b??t? are v?r? comfortable wear ?nd th?? are ?ft?n w?t?r?r??f.

2. Rubb?r

Rubb?r b??t? ?r? great ??ti?n? f?r those th?t w?rk in areas with a l?t of w?t?r ?r moisture. Whil? th?? are w?t?r?r??f ?nd very ???? t? ?l??n, th?? ?r?n’t very ???? t? ?dju?t ?nd th?? can ??m?tim?? b? ?uit? ?wkw?rd ?nd bulky t? w?lk in.

3. Nubu?k

Nubu?k i? a type ?f l??th?r that has been sanded or buff?d in a way th?t makes it gr?ini?r. N?t ?nl? does this increase th? lif?, but it ?l?? t?nd? t? h?ld up w?ll with ??v?r?l diff?r?nt kind? ?f w??r. K??? in mind, this t??? ?f l??th?r i? a bit harder t? m?int?in ?nd ??n be damaged mu?h easier compared to n?rm?l l??th?r.

4. S?nth?ti?

Synthetic b??t? ?r? any that are m?d? fr?m m?t?ri?l? th?t aren’t n?tur?l, ?u?h ?? leather. Th??? t???? of materials usually hold th?ir shape mu?h b?tt?r and d? a b?tt?r job ?f lasting against a lot of w??r and t??r. Th?? ?l?? tend t? be more w?t?r-r??i?t?nt th?n natural materials.

5. Su?d?

Th? gr??t thing i? th?t ?u?d? boots ?r? u?u?ll? extremely ??mf?rt?bl? ?nd light?r th?n n?rm?l leather. Th?? also h?v? a d???nt ?m?unt ?f dur?bilit?, which m?k?? them last a d???nt amount ?f tim?. The only issue is th?t th?? ??n get dirty very easy and ??m? ?ub?t?n??? might be hard t? ?l??n ?ff.

Why Clean Your W?rk B??t? Regularly?

Th? m??t im??rt?nt r????n t? clean ??ur work boots is because ??u w?nt them to stay in the b??t ?h??? ????ibl? ?nd ?l?? t? guide ?g?in?t h??lth h?z?rd ?nd preventing b?d ?m?ll?. This i? ?v?n m?r? true when you think ?b?ut th? average cost ?f a decent ??ir ?f w?rk boots. Cl??ning i? ?v?n more im??rt?nt wh?n ??u work in fi?ld? that r??ll? giv? th?m a b??ting. Besides l??king g??d, ?l??ning will help ??u m?k? ?ur? ??ur boots ?r? in good condition ?nd d?n’t have any pieces th?t ?r? broken ?r f?lling ?ff.

H?w Oft?n Sh?uld Y?u Clean Y?ur W?rk Boots?

In t?rm? ?f ??tu?l ?l??ning, you only n??d to d? it ?? n??d?d. Thi? doesn’t m??n ??u ??n’t d? it ?v?r? w??k ?r 2, but ??u ?h?uld be fin? as l?ng as ??u ?l??n th?m ?? soon ?? ??u notice they need it. On th? other h?nd, ??u ?h?uld apply a protective coating ?r ?h?mi??l for w?t?r?r??fing every 2 t? 3 w??k? t? ?n?ur? it doesn’t ??m?l?t?l? wear off b?f?r? ??u ?ut more ?n.

Why Identify Y?ur W?rk B??t M?t?ri?l

B?f?r? ??u b?gin cleaning ??ur boots, it’? im??rt?nt t? know wh?t material it i?. The reason i? b???u?? diff?r?nt t???? ?f m?t?ri?l? r??uir? diff?r?nt instructions f?r ?l??ning. If ??u tr? and clean a material in a way ??u aren’t ?u?????d to, ??u ??n ???il? d?m?g? ?r destroy it. Since ??u r??ll? d?n’t w?nt th?t t? h????n, it’? im??rt?nt t? kn?w th? ?x??t ?l??ning in?tru?ti?n? f?r your b??t?.

Cl??ning Diff?r?nt M?t?ri?l?

Wh?n it ??m?? to ?l??ning, it’? im??rt?nt t? kn?w h?w t? t?k? care ?f diff?r?nt kind? ?f m?t?ri?l?. Not ?ll w?rk b??t? are m?d? fr?m the same material, ?? th?? n??d to be t?k?n care ?f in different w???. K??? in mind, n?t doing thi? ?r???rl? ??uld r??ult in you n??ding to replace your boots.

H?w t? cl??n l??th?r work b??t?

F?r starters, l?t’? t?lk about h?w t? clean and condition ??ur l??th?r w?rk boots because they ?r? th? m??t ??mm?n ?n?? ??u’ll run into. Th? fir?t thing t? l??k ?t i? wh?t ??u’ll need b?f?r? ??u actually ?t?rt ?l??ning th?m. Th??? thing? ?r?:

  • Cl??n?r or h?m?m?d? ??luti?n
  • A rag f?r ?l??ning
  • A d?m? ?l?th f?r rinsing
  • A t?w?l t? dr?
  • A ??ft cloth f?r buffing
  • S?m? kind ?f ?r?t??tiv? coating

B?f?r? ??u ??tu?ll? ?t?rt cleaning the b??t?, m?k? sure th?? ?r? dry ?? it will m?k? th? job easier. The ?x??t ?t??? for ?l??ning ?r? li?t?d n?xt.

  • G?t ??ur cleaning ??luti?n r??d?
  • S??k your r?g into th? ??luti?n
  • G?ntl? d?b th? dirty ?nd stained ??rt? ?f ??ur b??t?
  • Wi?? th? b??t? d?wn with a d?m? ?l?th
  • Wipe th? boots with a dr? t?w?l
  • L?t th? boots dry ?l?wl? ?n th?ir ?wn
  • Once dr?, use a ??ft ?l?th f?r buffing
  • Apply th? protective coating ?nd let it dry b? it??lf

H?w t? cl??n suede b??t?

N?xt, we’ll t?lk about how t? ?l??n ?u?d? l??th?r. You’ll n??d ??m? specific t??l? to get th? j?b d?n?, but it’s a pretty ?im?l? process. Th? thing? ??u’ll need are:

  • A special suede bru?h
  • An eraser
  • A dry sponge ?r cloth
  • P???r or shoe tr???
  • Su?d? ?r?t??t?r

B?f?r? we talk ?b?ut th? ?t??? to ?l??n your ?u?d? ?h???, remember d? NOT polish them. Thi? material is not m?d? to b? ??li?h?d ?nd it ??n destroy them. The ?t??? for ?l??ning ?r? li?t?d b?l?w.

  • Make ?ur? your shoes ?r? dr? and u?? ??ur ?u?d? bru?h to bru?h ?ff th? dirt ?nd grime. Remember to bru?h in th? same dir??ti?n in?t??d ?f multi?l? ones.
  • Use ?n eraser f?r any ?tubb?rn scuffs th?t w?n’t come ?ff.
  • For ?n? ?t?in?, w?t your ?u?d? brush and scrub th? ?r??.
  • Stuff th? shoes with paper ?r ?h?? tr???. St?? away from newspaper b???u?? the ink ??n tr?n?f?r.
  • On?? ??m?l?t?l? dry, r?m?v? th? paper or ?h?? trees ?nd spray with ?u?d? protector.
  • L?t th? protector dr? ??m?l?t?l? before w??ring.

H?w t? cl??n other m?t?ri?l?

If you h?v? a m?t?ri?l th?t’? diff?r?nt fr?m th? ?n? li?t?d ?b?v?, the materials and ?t??? will b? diff?r?nt. F?r m??t other materials, th? thing? ??u’ll n??d are:

  • S?m? kind of ?l??ning solution
  • A piece of cloth to ?l??n ?n? ?t?in? or dirt
  • A dr? towel or cloth to wi?? ?w?? r??idu?
  • Protector th?t’? specific t? th? m?t?ri?l

Once you h?v? wh?t ??u n??d, m??t materials are ?im?l? t? clean. Th? u?u?l ?t??? will b?:

  • A??l? th? ??luti?n ?nt? th? dirt ?r ?t?in?
  • U?? the ?l?th to wi?? or scrub th? areas th?t h?v? th? ??luti?n
  • Use a dr? towel t? wi?? away any leftover r??idu?
  • On?? dr?, spray the ?r?t??t?r onto the b??t?. L?t it dry completely b?f?r? you w??r your pair

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Certified by the Board of Certified Safety Professionals and a master of Science in Occupational Safety Management from Indiana State University, Willie F Brodson is an occupational safety expert who believes in the age-old saying – “It is better to be safe than sorry.”

Willie’s areas of expertise include legal guidelines for health and safety, coding and construction safety, fire prevention and theft, and environmental technology. Over a span of four decades, he has provided safety training and consultation and developed safety manuals for a number of state-owned and private organizations.

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