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How to Clean Ugg Boots – In-Depth Guide with Tips & FAQs

how to clean ugg boots
Written by Willie F Brodson
Last Update: September 28, 2022

Once the cozy and comfy ugg boots are on your feet, you can’t imagine missing wearing it even a single day. But, as your toes get cold, the real challenge begins. Be it pebbles, sand, or dirt coals; your toes get all irritated while you wear your boots. In the end, you have to take it off or wait for some time to remove it. But to wear your boots again without irritating your feet you need to know how to clean your ugg boots very well. Here, we have come up with a solution that will take care of all your winter woes.

To make it more comfortable and stylish, this braided calf hair can be used as a perfect replacement for traditional boots. It is simple to comb it and can be washed in the machine if you choose. The color of these boots is always more pleasing. These boots can be used to put in your wardrobe to increase your décor if you don’t have many clothes.

How to Clean Ugg Boots – Easy DIY Tips on Caring for Your Uggs

Easy DIY Tips on Caring for Your Uggs

Equipment / Tools

  • White cloth or sponge

By using a dry cloth or sponge carefully wash the outer surface of your boots. Repeat as often as necessary to clean all mud and debris from boots. Rinse the cloth/sponge properly with some cold water and make the sponge clean too. This solution will remove a day’s worth of dirt and grime from your socks and uggs.

  • Towels

A new towel can be used to keep the shape of your boots; you can also stuff them with a dry towel or a newspaper and put them away to dry from intense sunshine or direct heat. This is because shrinkage is caused by being exposed to excessive heat of the skin boot.

  • Suede or soft-bristled brush

A soft brush when applied gently will solve this mystery of cleaning all day long. A white-colored eraser is preferred as other colors may stain your boot rather than cleaning them. A soft brush will only need to be applied with soft pressure and once you are done, cleaning your boots can be done with maximum ease.

  • Cotton ball

Use a dry and clean cotton ball to wet the outer surface. As usual, a lot of soaking may interfere with the ship’s skin, so remember to keep it moderate. Use a small dab of cotton ball cleaner to lightly clean the insides of the boots, let it sit for 2 or 3 minutes, and then give a generous rub.

  • Toothbrush (optional)

It will be a good idea to use a new toothbrush rather than what you’ve used before. It is pretty obvious to see the brush has bristles that go in your mouth and are now used for cleaning your uggs. Make sure you brush them with a little amount of water to wash properly.


  • Coldwater

Coldwater is advisable for most ugg boots, as it can clean out many stains from your boot without damaging or stretching your boot. As long as you are using a clarified and clean source of water, they will come out clean. A lot of people prefer to let their ugg boots soak in cold water for some time as it keeps the moisture. Coldwater can also effectively shrink or decrease your boots. When you are going out on the streets, a quick blast of cold water will help release any excess liquid from your boots.

  • Distilled white vinegar

Hold your bowl and pour a cup of cold water into it add and combine your distilled white vinegar. Take a clean cloth also and dampen it with the cleansing solution. Remember don’t soak your boots into this solution. Wipe down the obvious stains gently with this paste as you incorporate it into those boots. Mix these well and wipe on the affected areas with the wet cloth and let the solution soak in for 10 minutes and you’re done.

  • Suede and nubuck cleaner

You can simply brush your boots following a straight path in a gentle manner using the smoothest bristle suede and nubuck cleaner. These are not just cleaning agents but also provide stain resistance features to keep your boots in pristine condition for a long time.

  • Baby powder or cornstarch

Cornstarch’s purpose has always been keeping the skin of little Johnny fur shoes smooth and soft. Using this procedure you can apply it to your ugg boots. Just cover the surface of the stain with a coat of cornstarch, leave it for some space of 24 hours. You can now use a brush to clean that spot repeatedly until it’s all gone. Cornstarch is also useful to remove stubborn stains from the insole of your boots if you want.

  • Baking soda

As with baking, the last resort for leather mending is using baking soda. It’s perfect for getting into tight corners in the car and everywhere else where you need a heavy dose of abrasion or a chemical reaction to come to the rescue. We have our recipe but here’s the rule of thumb: you need 1 cup of baking soda with cornflower to pound it on the leather stain, combine them and remove the stains with easiness. Re-spray your boots with a water-repellant spray and you’re done.

  • Phenolic spray disinfectant, such as Lysol

Lysol stands as one of the best brands for cleansing and disinfecting items such as carpet, clothes boots, and so forth. Lysol contains phenol which is an ingredient that is responsible for neutralizing bacteria and dirt and leaving them with a crystal clear look. It can be used for 50 percent of the boots or all of them, but it is best used for boots with soft fur though. The good thing about Lysol is that any part of your boots can be disinfected, from the inside and the outside.

  • Anti-fungal spray

The anti-fungal spray works well on animal’s skin; it has been proofed to bring relief and medication on peeling or cracking parts of your animals’ skin. It’s no surprise that the ugg boots are made up of sheepskin, so if you want to treat those boots, consider spraying that dirt’s using this spray. If you cannot get to wash off the dirt from your boots after a long day’s work, using anti-fungal spray will do the trick.

Removing Surface Dirt

Removing the surface dirt of the ugg boot is vital for keeping your feet comfortably and clean.

  • Brush the Boots

A few strokes of the brush are usually enough to rid the boots of loose dirt and hoof funk, but it takes work to dry the boots thoroughly. Be sure to let the brushes dry out too, otherwise, they will be hard to use the next time you brush your footwear.

  • Use a Suede Cleaner

You can take advantage of unused suede cleaner or a generic eraser to get off the marks on the top layer of your boots. Notice sued cleaner should be new or the one that matches your ugg boots color as other colors may interfere with your boots nature. This will remove the original surface scuff marks and create a better shine overall.

Removing Water Stains

Water stains on a boot can become a problem if not dealt with quickly. However, some simple steps like using a piece of cloth or towel can eliminate them. Or you can also go straight to any nearby boot wash and have your boots professionally cleaned off before resolving.

  • Wipe Down with a Wet Cloth

Using the wet towel on the stain can simplify the job and drying them. Be sure not to soak the sole or the leather parts. The more you scrub using wet cloth the more easily it can be removed.

  • Stuff the Boots with Rolled Towels

Rolled towels increase the surface area of absorbing water stains from your boots. It’s also safer to insert rolled towel rather than pushing a towel or other cotton inside your boot without any order. You can scrub the area with a dry towel and remove the water stains until it dries out completely.

  • Air-Dry the Boots

Before you embark to air-dry your boots, you can perform quick boot stuff with a tissue or towel and then proceed to air-drying process. You can place the boots outside for drying while the laces can be left in the boot. Ensure to put down a rug or cloth or any material that can protect the leather from damages. Always leave the laces loose.

Remove Salt Stains

The best way of removing salt stains is by providing a solution that will dissolve them.

  • Create a Water and Vinegar Solution

Use can take the advantage of vinegar, to assist you in removing salt stains from your boot. Clean to the top of your boots get the excess chunks off and proceed to create a solution of water and vinegar. Gently wash the boots with the vinegar solution to loosen the dirt and rusted stain. Re-wash the boots again with the vinegar solution to dissolve the salt stains.

  • Blot the Salt-Stained Areas

Allow the boots to dry completely and observe the bottom for hard bits. Gently scrub the boots and wipe with clean with a wet sponge, the hard bits should easily come off.

  • Wet the Boots Evenly

Placing your boots in a vinegar solution will loosen the stains from your boots slowly but accurately. Start with your upper, not your soles or uppers because the soles can take a lot more damage from salt stains. If there are spots that aren’t perfectly even then it’s OK, just make sure it’s similar to the rest of the shoe and won’t take on more of a vinegar stain color or even the addition of one.

Removing Scuff Marks

Getting rid of scuff marks will make your boot look uniform and clean. It’s easy and cheap to do with this skill.

  • Brush Away the Scuff Marks

You can apply a shoe brush for stubborn stain, but start mixing cold water and soap then dib your brush and gently scuff those marks off your boots.

  • Brush the Finish

You can repeater the procedure until you perceive that there are no more visible marks on your boots. With a scuffed pattern, make sure that you try to ensure that the shoes have matching looks and texture.

Removing Oil Stains

Oils are unnecessary on your boots removing them quickly will save time and the cleaning and oil streaking process.

  • Absorb the Oil on boots

Cornstarch is the perfect solution for absorbing oil from your boots. Place this baby powder on top of that oil layer on your boots. Leave it for an extended duration of 2 days. Before long you’ll be observing the power is absorbing the oil from your boots.

  • Brush Away the Powder

After the absorption of the oil stain, they’ll still be some un-balanced color on your boots. You’ll need to brush away the powder from the surface of the spotted areas to give it its original color and stylish look.

  • Cleaning the Insides of Ugg Boots

Having your boots cleaned inside out will leave your legs in the best comfort position. The other benefit of cleaning them inside out is the fact that the small gaps inside your boots will stay cleaner for a longer time.

  • Eliminate Fungus and Bacteria

Fungus and bacteria are not found at the surface to clean them out, you need to wash the inner parts of your boots by applying a disinfecting liquid.

  • Allow Plenty of Time for Air-Drying

Once you’ve cleaned the inner parts of your boots, put them outside to allow free circulation of air to pass through them. At least one and half a day will be enough for air-drying.

  • Control Odor

To control the odor, you have a different way but the best is to spruce up some baking soda and allow it to settle for at least 8 hours and your boots will smell fresh.

Tips for Cleaning and Caring for Ugg Boots

  • Wearing socks consistently will help prevent bad odors or soiling
  • Don’t allow your boots to stay wet or inside the water for a prolonged period as it may interfere with the skin surface becoming loose
  • With a special spray, you can waterproof your boots to prevent unwanted stains
  • Keep the shape of your boot by using paper towels
  • You should also know how to tie your boot appropriately.


1. How to clean the grease out of my Uggs?

Ans. Cornstarch powder can do the removing of grease out of your uggs easily but if you don’t have one. You can opt for a portion of white chalk and pour it slowly on top of the greased area.

2. How to make black Ugg boots look black again once the color has faded?

Ans. Simply purchase a dye that matches your ugg boots and redo its color back. To keep the leather from fading, simply dye it again in fresh water after washing.

3. Can I put my Ugg boots in my washing machine?

Ans. It all depends on you. While some prefer to cleaning their ugg boots using a machine as like ruining your slippers others may not. Cleaning your ugg boots using your hands is very advisable as it’s only a DIY, thing but if you consider yourself to be a pro you can go ahead and use your washing machine.

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