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How to Decorate Chairs for Baby Shower? – 5 Unique Ideas!

How to Decorate Chairs for Baby Shower
Written by Willie F Brodson
Last Update: July 25, 2022

Having a baby shower is a monumental event that signifies a life-changing event and becomes overwhelming. It would do wonders for the arrangement of your baby shower if you knew how to decorate a baby shower chair.

Don’t worry you can make a baby shower chair look good yourself using easy and affordable items like ribbons, balloons, and pretty cut-outs.

How to Decorate Chairs for a Baby Shower?

Method 1: Using ribbons

Step 1:  Prepare the materials

  • Chair
  • White silk
  • Satin of any color

Step 2: Tying a bow

Wrap the ribbon around the backrest of the chair. You need to leave 1/2 inch longer at the other end.

Step 3: Bring the ribbon through

Pull the ribbon gently then put the longer end over your short end. now pull the longer end underneath it to tighten and tie it.

Step 4: Finish off

You need to hold the knot secure and bring the left side over the half-bow and underneath it so it can be tied.

Do the same with the other end. Make the bubble bigger but stretch the bow. Add the bow to the chair any way you like.

Method 2: Using balloons

Step 1: Gather the materials

  • Chair
  • Bballoons
  • Balloon air pump
  • Garter

Step 2: Use the air pump

Grab your balloons and start filling them with air with the pump. make them different sizes big and small. this will add a more decorative effect when you arrange them on the chair.

Step 3: Group two or three balloons together

Once they are filled with air, grab a variety of sizes and tie them together to quickly secure your balloon cluster on the chair.

Step 4: Secure the balloons

If you use a garter to tie the balloons it will give you some stretch. Insert the balloons in the middle of each chair and secure them.

Start with the balloons on the outside of the chair. Work through to the middle until the backrest is filled with a variety of balloons.

Method 3: Using decorative cutouts and flowers

Step 1: Gather materials

  • Chair
  • Decorative cutout
  • Tape

Step 2: Start decorating

If the cut-outs are big then they are reserved for the backrest of the chair. You can attach these with tape, string, or whatever you have on hand.

You can also add some flowers to the top of the chair or the bottom, which will give the look of a bouquet of flowers.

Method 4: Using tulle

Step 1: Gather the materials

Tulle can be used to decorate chairs in many ways. If you have an average size chair you will need to have 10 feet long strips of tulle.

Step 2: Start decorating

Tie the tulle strips on the chair by gathering the ends and securing them with tape. Do the same for the center point.

Tulle strips can also be twisted or braided together for decoration. If you are not sure which style of tulle will look best on your chair, experiment a bit first. A fabric bow or a ribbon can be added as a finishing touch to the chair.

Step 3: Finish up

Once the tulle has been attached to the chair pull on the sections gently. This will help fluff out the fabric for a more elegant look.

The tulle can go around the back of the chair several times and finish with a bow. This gives a more layered look that is still comfortable.

Method 5: Using fabric

Step 1: Gather the materials

  • Chair
  • Fabric strips
  • Scissors

Step 2: Using fabric means you can cover larger areas

If you have any imperfections on the chair you can cover them with the fabric and no one would even know. drape the material over the chair and then the leftover material can be tucked into the chair seams and gaps.

Step 3: Wrap the fabric

Wrapping the fabric around the back of the chair will help elevate the chair more.

Other Items to Decorate Chairs for Baby Showers

1. Clothespins

You can buy some clothespins at your local store. With washable markers, you can label them with different baby items or names. Place them at the bottom of the chair for decoration.

2. Glitter hearts/letters

Glue, glitter, and paper are all you need to make these! All you have to do is cut out your desired shape and decorate it with glue or glitter. These can be hung on the chair or on the armrests.

3. Treat boxes and bags

Use boxes or treat bags that include baby items like pacifiers and bottles. They can be hung off the back of the seat or placed on the seat.

4. Little lampshades

Mini lampshades can be found at a craft store for very little money. They are a lovely addition just sitting on the chair.

5. Baby items

Baby items such as pacifiers, rattles, bottles, safety pins, etc., should be displayed on the seat of your baby shower chair

6. Scarves

An easy way to beautify the baby shower chair and is affordable. Simply find a nice scarf in your color theme and wrap it around the chair. Fluff it up and attach it with some string.

7. Rubber band

It’s easy and fun to make this baby shower chair! Get a few rubber bands in different colors and hang them on either the armrests or back of the chair. You can even join them together to make a chain.

8. Socks/slippers/shoes

It’s simple and cute at the same time! The bottom of the chair can be lined with shoes, slippers, and socks. You can even line it with all three!

9. Headbands

With this simple baby shower chair decoration, you don’t have to deal with mess or fuss! An elastic headband can be wrapped around the chair’s back and armrests.

10. Fishing line

The fishing line is probably already in your house. Wrap it around the armrests and back of the chair. Attach baby items like bottles, rattles, and bibs.

Tips for Decorating a Baby Shower Chair

Make some theme

There are many different choices for baby themes, like movie themes, jungle themes, safari themes, circus themes, and carnival themes.

It is most common to have a jungle or safari theme for a baby shower. If you choose the safari or jungle theme for your room, be sure to decorate the chair with a mix of greens and yellows, and also use posters, stickers, or cartoons of lions, monkeys, and elephants.

You can take some pictures of the perfect square

Photograph the square embellishing and completion of the throw several times before the mom-to-be sits on her baby shower chair.

You can also make an effective scrapbook with keepsake photos of the baby shower chair. A mum’s favorite baby shower gift is a homemade seat cover made by family and friends.


Q. When it comes to baby shower colors, what is best?

Ans. Most baby showers now think beyond the basic pink and blue. Common colour combinations are:

  • white and black
  • white and yellow
  • lavender, gold white
  • mint and gray
  • orange and peach

Q. Which games are good for a baby shower?


  • are you that baby
  • guess the cady bar
  • find the guest: my water broke
  • guess the baby food

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