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8 Proven Benefits of Exfoliating Gloves

Benefits of Exfoliating Gloves
Written by Willie F Brodson
Last Update: August 23, 2022

Exfoliation is the key to giving your skin that much-desired smooth, fresh, and bright look. There are so many types of exfoliators today and exfoliating gloves are a new addition that already have a solid fan base.

Are they worth the hype? You need to weigh their pros and cons to see the real deal and we’re here to help!

Benefits Exfoliating Gloves Have to Offer

proven benefits of exfoliating gloves

Exfoliating gloves can help you get rid of skin breakouts and dullness and make way for the new, healthy, fresh skin underneath.

Using these exfoliators two or three times a week gives you brighter and healthier skin. They also help stop ingrown hair that may cause dark spots.

What’s more, they stimulate the natural exfoliating, and flaking process to eliminate lifeless dehydrated skin. You can use a pair of exfoliating gloves to prevent unwanted ingrown coats, do away with tan build-ups, and reduce breakouts.

Is exfoliation necessary?

Is exfoliation necessary

Our skin is one of the major organs that covers more than 95% of the human body.

It automatically and naturally clears the geriatric skin cells and makes way for fresh cells around every 25 days.

Sometimes, complications happen and your skin, in turn, becomes clogged and dry. For instance, your sensitive skin may be affected by environmental pollution or a bad cosmetic product may not suit your skin type.

Luckily, you can easily make things better with exfoliating gloves. The gloves also help with hyperpigmentation, dark spots, and discoloration. They make your skin fresh and delicate with every use.

Remarkable Benefits of Using Exfoliating Gloves – Detailed Look

1. Take in body lotions & scrubs smoothly

Take in body lotions & scrubs smoothly

Exfoliating gloves can make your skincare sessions super fun and sensational. Take a little bit of your favorite scrub/wash/lotion on a clean exfoliating glove and slowly rub it all over your body.

You’ll find tons of products on the market for exfoliation, such as lotions and body scrubs. But not all of them are so effective and easily applied.

2. Easy to use

Put the gloves on and take a dab of body wash or scrub, there you go! There are zero pre-or post-use hassles.

They allow you to regulate the pressure on your skin and are pretty relaxing to use as long as you don’t get too aggressive with your hands.

3. Give your skin a brilliant glow

Exfoliating gloves can help when your skin is losing its shine or aging before time. The exfoliation process eliminates the upper dirt crust of your skin and brings out a quick original luster.

You may take an exfoliating session before your next party and see it for yourself.

4. Unclog skin pores

Unclog skin pores

The pores in our skin often catch the dirt moving around. All the toxic environmental waste, dust, and dead cells get in and fill up the pores.

Exfoliating gloves allow you to open these pores as you rub on the skin cells, making way for the skincare products to reach deep under your skin to clean and cure it.

5. Enhance blood flow

Your blood flow develops as you gently rub and clean your body during the course of therapy. Your skin will look fresher and healthier as a result.

6. Support all skin types

Each skin type needs to be cleaned up – be it dry, oily, or medium. Exfoliation is good for everyone no matter the weather you live in or the lifestyle you have.

But consider reducing your use a bit in warm weather since your skin will be oilier and thinner at that time. Once a week is ideal for summer.

7. Terminate cellulite from the body

Terminate cellulite from the body

Cellulite is a condition when collections of fat are thrust against the connective soft tissue below your skin. They can make your skin look dimpled and lumpy. Cellulite mostly appears on high-fat areas like the stomach, thighs, and buttocks.

Exfoliating gloves can make it easy for you to get rid of these toxic fatty deposits and achieve a tight and desired tone.

8. Fight the sign of aging

Aging is inevitable. But many aspects of the lifestyle and environment can trigger the aging process even when you’re young. Exfoliation helps you avoid your precious skin looking gloomy and lifeless.

9. Suit both liquid & dry methods

Liquid exfoliation involves body wash, scrub, or lotion-like exfoliation products. You only use the glove itself to exfoliate the skin in a dry method.

Liquid exfoliation suits sensitive skin better. Dry brushing is good for the oilier skin or when you’re living in a tropical climate.

Other benefits of an exfoliating gloves

  • Tighten the skin
  • Enhance skin color
  • Reduce body acne
  • Shrink pore holes
  • Control moisturization

How to Use Exfoliating Gloves?

  • Get wet

Get under the shower spray and let your skin relax and soften for a while. The steam will help slacken off the dead skin cells and make them set for exfoliation treatment.

Get your hand in the glove and get it wet. Lather up the glove with your favorite soap.

  • Rub your body

You can start scrubbing from your shoulders and move down to the other parts of the body. Try moving the glove in circles particularly in delicate portions if you find scrubbing ups and downs too harsh.

  • Get dry & moisturized

Once you’ve thoroughly used your glove in all the areas, wash off the foams. Get yourself dry and soothe your whole body with the ultra-hydrating moisturizer and feel fresh.

How to Clean Exfoliating Gloves?

  • Wash with hot water

Wash your exfoliating gloves with warm running water after each use. Add a little soap if you like, and hang them in the air to dry.

  • Throw it in the washing machine

Throw your gloves in the washer at least once a week to do away with the lingering germs and bacteria.

In case you’re curious, washing machines don’t interfere with the shape or mess with the texture of your exfoliating gloves.

When to avoid using exfoliating gloves?

  • Sensitive skin

Exfoliating gloves can be a little abrasive and you need to be gentle with them while scrubbing on your delicate skin. Be cautious in case your skin is too sensitive and prone to acne.

  • Acne-prone skin

Exfoliating gloves may promote the development of acne mechanica which is caused by pressure, friction, or heat on the skin.

Exfoliation can result in minor abrasion when overdone. Repetitive exfoliation may cause irritation under the skin and flare eczema, acne, or lead to other skin infection diseases.


1. Is it good to use exfoliating gloves every day?

Ans: No, once or twice a week should be fine. Too much exfoliation can flare up eczema or acne or lead to other skin problems. Use them once every two weeks if you have highly sensitive skin.

2. Is an exfoliating glove good for the face?

Ans: It will depend on how abrasive or soft your pair is. In general, most exfoliating gloves are designed for tough body skin although some are safe to rub on your delicate facial skin.

3. Should I use exfoliating gloves wet or dry?

Ans: You can use them both ways. In the wet method, you use it while you bathe; together with soap, body wash, or shower gel. In the dry formula, you only use the glove to exfoliate your skin.

4. Do exfoliating gloves help acne?

Ans:  Exfoliating gloves help to remove dead skin cells and reduce acne or acne scars. They make your skin lively and vibrant by increasing blood flow. Though sometimes, they can cause acne mechanica if used on ultra-sensitive skin.

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